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Hans Kende


Hans Kende


Hans Kende (1937-2006) was one of the original faculty members of the Plant Research Laboratory, hired in 1965 by Anton Lang, the founding director of the PRL. He served on the faculty of the PRL and the Department of Plant Biology until his retirement in 2005. Hans was recognized worldwide for his contribution to the understanding of plant hormone biosynthesis and the action of plant hormones in controlling plant growth and development, as evidenced by numerous honors bestowed over the years: election to the German Academy of Natural Sciences (Leopoldina, 1985) and the National Academy of Sciences, U.S.A. (1992); he was named University Distinguished Professor at MSU(1990) and received the Stephen Hales Prize, American Society of Plant Physiologists (1998).  Hans was an excellent teacher and mentor for students and postdoctoral research associates, and was particularly known for helping and promoting others. 

Read Hans’ obituary, published by the Association of Plant Biologists.