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  • Wolk CP (1966) Evidence of a role of heterocysts in the sporulation of a blue-green alga.  Am J Bot 53: 260-262 (Evidence that heterocysts of Anabaena cylindrica induce adjacent cells to become akinetes) PDF


  • Wolk CP (1967) Physiological basis of the pattern of vegetative growth of a blue-green alga.  Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 57: 1246-1251 (First experimental evidence that heterocysts and proheterocysts inhibit nearby cells from becoming heterocysts) PDF


  • Wolk CP (1968) Movement of carbon from vegetative cells to heterocysts in Anabaena cylindrica. J Bacteriol 96: 2138-2143 (First demonstration of intercellular chemical interactions in Anabaena) PDF