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Sugar Creek

Submit an Abstract

All attendees are strongly encouraged to submit an Abstract for a poster. Selected Abstracts will also be chosen for a 20-minute talk. You may bring more than one poster, and you will have the opportunity to submit multiple abstracts during the submission process. Please submit each as separate files. The board size on which the poster will be hung will be approximately 4’ x 4’.

Abstracts are due October 4, 2019 and should be prepared as follows:

  1. MSWord documents are strongly preferred. 
  2. You will be allotted one page per abstract in the abstract book, which will be mailed as a pdf file to participants prior to the conference.
  3. Please use 1" margins on all sides and Times New Roman font not smaller than 12 pt. If you do not follow these guidelines, you will get a lengthy lecture at Turkey Run.
  4. You are encouraged to include approximately 1/2 page of text and a captioned 1/2 page figure (note that your figure will be printed in Black and White).
  5. First line: TYPE TITLE IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. Next two lines: Authors’ names (underline presenter), Dept(s)., Address(es). Skip one line and type text of abstract starting at left margin.
  6. Name the file as “firstname_lastname.doc”. (Use your real name.)
  7. You will have the opportunity to submit multiple abstracts during a single session. Please submit multiple abstracts as separate files.
Submit your Abstract using this Google Form Abstract Submission link.

Need an example Abstract? Download this template Abstract.