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Submit an Abstract

All attendees are strongly encouraged to submit an Abstract. Selected Abstracts will also be chosen for a 20-minute talk. Please only submit one Abstract per attendee. Additional information regarding poster formatting is provided below.

To be considered for an oral presentation, Abstracts must be submitted by October 2, 2020. Poster only Abstracts may be submitted up until October 16th. Abstracts should be prepared as follows:

  1. All abstracts should be prepared as a MSWord document using the template. 
  2. Your abstract should fit on a single page and will be collated with those of other attendees so that it is clear during which section(s) you will be presenting.
  3. Please use 1" margins on all sides and Times New Roman font not smaller than 12 pt (Calibri is also acceptable). 
  4. You are encouraged to include approximately 1/2 page of text and a captioned 1/2 page figure
  5. To ease the burden on the organizers to standardize formatting, please pay attention to the template format and mirror it in your submission. For example, the title of your Abstract should be TYPED IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. Next two lines: Authors’ names (underline presenter), Dept(s)., Address(es). 
  6. Name the file as “firstname_lastname.doc”. (Using your name, of course.)
Submit your Abstract using this Google Form Abstract Submission link.

Download this template Abstract. Please pay attention to the format and try to keep your submission consistent.


Poster guidelines:

We anticipate being able to coordinate a breakout session where poster-presenters will each have their own small 'virtual room' to present their work. Because a poster file is not a convenient format for a presentation in this venue, we suggest that presenters consider a very short Powerpoint (e.g., 4-6 slides) that covers the key elements and is graphics heavy. A small Powerpoint presentation is attached here to give some ideas of how you may wish to consider converting what might be presented on a poster into a short slide show. Hopefully, we will have this arranged so that attendees can move between breakout rooms with minimal fuss (akin to visiting multiple posters).