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1. Growing pains and how that might affect seed quality

The Brandizzi lab is showing how extreme heat negatively impacts seed quality in plants targeted for producing biofuels.

Tags: Brandizzi lab, fundamental plant research
2. Growth-defense gene pulls many strings in plant cell factories

The Brandizzi lab has demonstrated how one master gene fine-tunes how massive protein factories in plant cells allocate resources to growth and defense functions.

Tags: fundamental plant research, Brandizzi lab
3. Investing in cell wall growth for improved photosynthesis

A new study showed how changes in leaf cell wall make-up can dramatically affect how large or thick leaves grow. This knowledge may find future applications that improve how crop plants intercept light and exchange gas with the atmosphere.

Tags: Brandizzi lab, Sharkey lab, fundamental plant research
4. Discovering what keeps cellular cargo on track

The Brandizzi lab have identified how plants’ largest cell factory moves to maintain vital functions, which could lead to advances in improving plant cells’ critical functions and growing better crops.

Tags: Brandizzi lab, fundamental plant research
5. Undergrads make strong showing at Mid-SURE Symposium

PRL undergraduate researchers shared the fruits of their research at this year’s Mid-Michigan Symposium for Undergraduate Research Experiences (Mid-SURE).

Tags: students, Ducat lab, Brandizzi lab, Howe lab, Montgomery lab, outreach
6. Federica Brandizzi featured in Lansing State Journal

Brandizzi is studying ways to increase soybean and alfalfa yields. She is one of 11 MSU professors who have received grants through the university’s Michigan Translational Research and Commercialization program.  

Tags: Brandizzi lab, green solutions, food security
7. A slew of student awards in July

The four awards were for research on plant defense, responses to environmental stimuli... and space plants!

Tags: awards, students, He lab, Brandizzi lab, Montgomery lab
8. Federica Brandizzi: behind the scientist

What makes Federica Brandizzi tick? What inspired her to study plants? Why did she leave Italy, breaking a family tradition of living in Rome for more generations than she can count? Find out in this bio of one of our biofuel scientists and MSU Foundation Professors.

Tags: Brandizzi lab
9. Brandizzi Lab celebrates 10 years at MSU

The lab researches critical plant production machinery that extends towards applications in such production areas as food, clothes, and precursors for biofuels.

Tags: fundamental plant research, Brandizzi lab
10. Brandizzi Lab awarded an NSF grant for corn research

The 3-year multi-institutional project will aim to study and improve how this important crop reacts to extreme environmental stressors such as heat, drought, or high salt content.

Tags: plant resistance, food security, grants, Brandizzi lab

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