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1. Sheng Yang He re-appointed as a Howard Hughes HHMI Investigator

He, a University Distinguished Professor of plant biology at MSU and a Howard Hughes Medical Institute – Gordon Betty Moore Foundation investigator since 2011, has been reappointed as an HHMI investigator for a second term.

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2. A thousand tales of plant defense

The He lab has completed an unprecedented study of over 1000 plant varieties to tease out their major defense systems against bacteria.

Tags: fundamental plant research, He lab
3. The highs and lows of scientific research

An under the hood look at the science behind the He lab's latest discovery: the establishment of a connection between high humidity levels and bacterial plant disease.

Tags: He lab, fundamental plant research, future scientists
4. Just add water: New discovery in plant-disease mechanism

New research from the He lab has found that too much rain, coupled with prolonged high levels of humidity, can result in more plant disease.

Tags: He lab, food security, fundamental plant research
5. Joe Aung awarded a Pathway to Independence Award

The 2016 NIH award will provide up to $837,000 in funds towards researching how harmful bacteria infect plants.

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6. He and Howe among most highly cited researchers in 2016

Our plant defense specialists made the Highly Cited Researchers 2016 list, which represents some of the world’s most influential scientific minds. Click for the full list.

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7. A slew of student awards in July

The four awards were for research on plant defense, responses to environmental stimuli... and space plants!

Tags: awards, students, He lab, Brandizzi lab, Montgomery lab
8. Sushi and science: creating a student community of minds

Bethany Huot, a PhD student at the PRL, realized that science is best done in supportive and active communities. So she created The Pub Club, a successful student-driven collective where students help each other develop into well-rounded scientists. 

Tags: students, He lab, Montgomery lab
9. 2016 Anton Lang Memorial Award Winners Announced

Ian Major, Ph.D., (Howe lab) and Li Zhang (He lab) have each received the Anton Lang Memorial Award for cross-disciplinary research on plant defense. Their work is crucial in the context of climate change and an increasing global population.

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