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1. Montgomery, Thomashow invested as MSU Foundation Professors

The PRL's Beronda Montgomery and Michael Thomashow were honored as MSU Foundation Professors on March 23 at an investiture ceremony held at MSU’s Wharton Center.

Tags: Montgomery lab, Thomashow lab, awards
2. Beronda Montgomery: Growing from adviser to mentor

"Mentoring is so much more than offering generic advice." Check out Beronda's take on MSU's Faculty Voice series. 

Tags: Montgomery lab, future scientists
3. Undergrad researchers get a taste of graduate student life

The students participated in the Plant Genomics @ MSU REU program, which is part of a national endeavor providing undergrads with participatory research experiences at over 100 universities. 

Tags: Ducat lab, Montgomery lab, students
4. Beronda Montgomery named MSU Foundation Professor

The title is designated for individuals who combine externally recognized and exemplary scholarly accomplishment. Consideration is also given to teaching innovation and excellence. Congratulations, Beronda!

Tags: Montgomery lab
5. Undergrads make strong showing at Mid-SURE Symposium

PRL undergraduate researchers shared the fruits of their research at this year’s Mid-Michigan Symposium for Undergraduate Research Experiences (Mid-SURE).

Tags: students, Ducat lab, Brandizzi lab, Howe lab, Montgomery lab, outreach
6. A slew of student awards in July

The four awards were for research on plant defense, responses to environmental stimuli... and space plants!

Tags: awards, students, He lab, Brandizzi lab, Montgomery lab
7. Sushi and science: creating a student community of minds

Bethany Huot, a PhD student at the PRL, realized that science is best done in supportive and active communities. So she created The Pub Club, a successful student-driven collective where students help each other develop into well-rounded scientists. 

Tags: students, He lab, Montgomery lab
8. Montgomery publishes on light harvesting efficiency

Montgomery's paper focuses on one cyanobacteria species in changing light environments. This fundamental photosynthesis research illuminates some of the challenges facing the development of renewable energy sources, such as biofuels.

Tags: Montgomery lab, fundamental plant research, photosynthesis

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