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1. A thousand tales of plant defense

The He lab has completed an unprecedented study of over 1000 plant varieties to tease out their major defense systems against bacteria.

Tags: fundamental plant research, He lab
2. Unpacking a new bacterial mini-factory

The new compartment, widely spread among different kinds of bacteria, might be reassembled to someday sustainably produce “green” chemicals, medicines, and renewable energy.

Tags: Kerfeld lab, fundamental plant research, green solutions
3. Growth-defense gene pulls many strings in plant cell factories

The Brandizzi lab has demonstrated how one master gene fine-tunes how massive protein factories in plant cells allocate resources to growth and defense functions.

Tags: fundamental plant research, Brandizzi lab
4. Investing in cell wall growth for improved photosynthesis

A new study showed how changes in leaf cell wall make-up can dramatically affect how large or thick leaves grow. This knowledge may find future applications that improve how crop plants intercept light and exchange gas with the atmosphere.

Tags: Brandizzi lab, fundamental plant research
5. Scratching the genetic surface of poisonous mushrooms

The Walton lab has sequenced the genomes of two species of poisonous Amanita mushrooms, with an eye towards harnessing them for medicinal and biological uses.

Tags: Walton lab, fundamental plant research
6. How cyanobacteria define their middle point

The mechanism promotes cell division to ensure daughter cells are healthy and of equal size.

Tags: Ducat lab, fundamental plant research
7. Understanding a cell part construction manager

The Hu lab has deepened our understanding of how cells build up internal parts responsible for producing and breaking down energy, with an eye towards agricultural and medical solutions.

Tags: Hu lab, fundamental plant research
8. The highs and lows of scientific research

An under the hood look at the science behind the He lab's latest discovery: the establishment of a connection between high humidity levels and bacterial plant disease.

Tags: He lab, fundamental plant research, future scientists
9. Just add water: New discovery in plant-disease mechanism

New research from the He lab has found that too much rain, coupled with prolonged high levels of humidity, can result in more plant disease.

Tags: He lab, food security, fundamental plant research
10. Discovering what keeps cellular cargo on track

The Brandizzi lab have identified how plants’ largest cell factory moves to maintain vital functions, which could lead to advances in improving plant cells’ critical functions and growing better crops.

Tags: Brandizzi lab, fundamental plant research

Displaying: 1 - 10 of 19