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1. Protecting plants from the power of sunlight

Plants, like us, don’t like too much sunlight. The Kramer lab has figured a way to better measure how plants respond to excessive exposure, and the information might help us create more resilient plants.

Tags: Kramer lab, fundamental plant research
2. The ref and the fighter: two sides of plant defense

The Howe lab delves into how defense genes do more than just fight. They also tangle with growth functions.

Tags: Howe lab, fundamental plant research
3. Squeezing oil out of plants and into your gas tank: it's hard.

When the Benning lab tried a technique for producing plant biofuels, an unexpected result led to an increase in our basic knowledge of plant biology.

Tags: Benning lab, green solutions, fundamental plant research
4. How to build an artificial nano-factory to power our futures

The Kerfeld lab has analyzed over 200 sets of cyanobacteria DNA. This knowledge is getting us closer to understanding how to build synthetic factories that will someday produce green fuels or products used to diagnose diseases.

Tags: Kerfeld lab, fundamental plant research
5. Growing pains and how that might affect seed quality

The Brandizzi lab is showing how extreme heat negatively impacts seed quality in plants targeted for producing biofuels.

Tags: Brandizzi lab, fundamental plant research
6. Looking deeper into peroxisome proliferation

The Hu lab has identified a new protein that helps control how little cellular factories, called peroxisomes, divide and proliferate.

Tags: Hu lab, fundamental plant research
7. A thousand tales of plant defense

The He lab has completed an unprecedented study of over 1000 plant varieties to tease out their major defense systems against bacteria.

Tags: fundamental plant research, He lab
8. Unpacking a new bacterial mini-factory

The new compartment, widely spread among different kinds of bacteria, might be reassembled to someday sustainably produce “green” chemicals, medicines, and renewable energy.

Tags: Kerfeld lab, fundamental plant research, green solutions
9. Growth-defense gene pulls many strings in plant cell factories

The Brandizzi lab has demonstrated how one master gene fine-tunes how massive protein factories in plant cells allocate resources to growth and defense functions.

Tags: fundamental plant research, Brandizzi lab
10. Investing in cell wall growth for improved photosynthesis

A new study showed how changes in leaf cell wall make-up can dramatically affect how large or thick leaves grow. This knowledge may find future applications that improve how crop plants intercept light and exchange gas with the atmosphere.

Tags: Brandizzi lab, Sharkey lab, fundamental plant research

Displaying: 1 - 10 of 25