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1. Kerfeld lab reveals a new light-responsive protein family

These ancient proteins will both add to our knowledge of the evolution of photosynthesis and open exciting doors to applications in fields like medicine and biotechnology.

Tags: Kerfeld lab, fundamental plant research, photosynthesis
2. 'Road testing' plants reveals photosynthesis secrets

The Kramer lab has published an article on groundbreaking technology that reveals the hidden workings of photosynthesis in living plants.

Tags: Kramer lab, photosynthesis, fundamental plant research
3. Montgomery publishes on light harvesting efficiency

Montgomery's paper focuses on one cyanobacteria species in changing light environments. This fundamental photosynthesis research illuminates some of the challenges facing the development of renewable energy sources, such as biofuels.

Tags: Montgomery lab, fundamental plant research, photosynthesis
4. David Kramer lands 2016 Kettering Award

Kramer is the recipient of the prestigious American Society of Plant Biologists 2016 Charles F. Kettering Award for his research into photosynthesis.

Tags: awards, photosynthesis, Kramer lab

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