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1. Enhancing the value of biofuel crops with plant-based oils

Advances in synthetic biology are allowing Christoph Benning and his collaborators at the Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center to coax plants into producing more oils and valuable compounds. This opens exciting avenues into new applications for crops grown primarily for conversion into biofuel.

Tags: Benning lab, sustainability, renewable energy
2. David Kramer featured on ExxonMobil algae biofuels article

The piece briefly explores the challenges behind scaling algae-based biofuels, as part of a recently started relationship between the Kramer Lab and ExxonMobil.

Tags: sustainability, renewable energy, Kramer lab
3. Cheryl Kerfeld featured in MSU President's 2015 Report

The two-minute short is part of a series showcasing MSU's abilities in anticipating global challenges. Kerfeld's lab focuses on green energy sources and commodities through the bioengineering of microbes.

Tags: sustainability, renewable energy, outreach, Kerfeld lab
4. Undergraduate Research Forum - Part 2/3: Donna Liebelt

PRL undergraduates had a strong presence at the University Undergraduate Research and Arts Forum that took place at the MSU Union on Friday, April 8, even taking away a first prize for a poster presentation. Part 2 of the series introduces Donna Liebelt from the Ducat Lab

Tags: awards, outreach, sustainability, renewable energy, students, Ducat lab

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