Seminars & Events

The PRL sponsors two weekly seminars. On Mondays, a visiting scientist discusses research on a timely molecular plant sciences topic. While at the PRL, the visiting scientists also visit the PRL laboratories to speak with the students, postdocs, and faculty in an informal setting. 

The Tuesday Noon Seminars feature a student or postdoc in the plant sciences presenting a seminar on his/her research project.

We also host social and student-driven events and seminar talks, beyond our regular series.

The PRL's affiliated departments host seminar series of interest to plant scientists.

Monday Seminars

Time: Mondays at 4:10p
Location: Room 1200 Molecular Plant Sciences Building
(Cookies and coffee at 4p)


September 25, 2017
Prof. Heike Sederoff

Monday Seminar Series

Redirecting carbon flux to increase yield in an oil seed crop

October 2, 2017
Prof. Megan Frederickson

Monday Seminar Series

The Evolution of Cooperation between Plants and Microbes

October 6, 2017
Prof. Alain Goossens

Monday Seminar Series

Jasmonate, Plant Secondary Metabolism, and Synthetic Biology (Note: this event is on a Friday and will be held at 1pm.)

October 16, 2017
Prof. Dave Hanson

Monday Seminar Series

Assessing Rubisco activation and activase activity in vivo

October 23, 2017
Prof. Marisa Otegui

Monday Seminar Series

Protein and Membrane Trafficking in Plant Cells

October 30, 2017
Prof. Adrienne Roeder

Monday Seminar Series

Plant Cell Division and Cell Size, especially in Flower Development

November 6, 2017
Prof. Colleen Doherty

Monday Seminar Series

Plant Sensing and Response to Abiotic Stress

November 13, 2017
Prof. Jennifer Ogilvie

Monday Seminar Series

Spectroscopy and Microscopy Techniques for probing Photosynthetic Systems

November 20, 2017
Prof. Jocelyn Rose

Monday Seminar Series

Cell Cuticle and Cell Wall Architecture and Function, especially in Fruit Development

Tuesday Noon Seminars 

Time: Tuesdays at 12p
Location: Room 168 Plant Biology

Schedule is being updated

September 26, 2017
Giovanni Stefano (Brandizzi Lab)

Tuesday Noon Seminar Series

Novel players in plant endocytosis

October 3, 2017
Zhi-Yan Du (Benning lab)

Tuesday Noon Seminar Series

Bio-flocculation of algae for biofuel production

October 17, 2017
Tomomi Takeuchi

Tuesday Noon Seminar Series

Control of Quiescence and Cell Division by Compromised Hydrolysis of TAG 7 (CHT7) Protein in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii

October 24, 2017
Patrick Horn

Tuesday Noon Seminar Series

Probing the Biochemistry of an Unusual Fatty Acid Desaturase

December 5, 2017
Isaac-Osei-Bonsu (Kramer lab)

Tuesday Noon Seminar Series

Thermo-tolerance of photosynthesis in grain legumes...

Social Events & More

October 6, 2017
First Friday Coffee

Social Event

It’s the monthly Plant Biology Building Coffee Break: Come and get acquainted!

External Seminar Series