Prof. Heike Sederoff

Prof. Heike Sederoff

Date & Location: September 25, 2017, at 4p; Room 1200 Molecular Plant Sciences Building

Subject: Redirecting carbon flux to increase yield in an oil seed crop

About the Speaker

University: North Carolina State University

Abstract: Camelina sativa is an oil seed crop that been researched for its potential as a dedicated biofuel crop due to its ability to grow on marginal soils. Commercialization of camelina has been hindered by its relatively low seed yield. We have shown that metabolic engineering of different pathways involved in carbon allocation or photorespiration result in increases in camelina seed yield and biomass. We analyzed the molecular consequences resulting from those engineering strategies and identified synergistic and distinct pathways that could determine the observed increases in yield and nitrogen use efficiency.   

Research Interests: Redirecting carbon metabolism to increase yield; Marine microalgae and cyanobacteria; Genomic networks of abiotic stress responses in roots.


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