Prof. Megan Frederickson

Prof. Megan Frederickson

Date & Location: October 2, 2017, at 4p; Room 1200 Molecular Plant Sciences Building

Subject: The Evolution of Cooperation between Plants and Microbes

Host: Marjorie Weber

About the Speaker

University: University of Toronto

Research Interests: Research in the Frederickson Lab focuses on the ecology and evolution of mutualism, or cooperation between species. Mutualisms are extremely common in nature—so common, in fact, that every plant and animal on Earth may be involved in at least one mutualism.

They are primarily interested in two fundamental and inter-related questions about mutualism ecology and evolution:

1) What prevents selection for “cheating,” or taking the benefits of cooperation without reciprocating?

2) What are the ecological and evolutionary consequences of genotype, species, and interaction diversity in mutualisms?

They use a variety of approaches to study mutualisms involving insects (especially ants), plants, and microbes, with the goal of understanding how and why species cooperate.


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