The PRL sponsors two weekly seminars. On Mondays, a visiting scientist discusses research on a timely topic. While at the PRL, the visiting scientists also visit the PRL laboratories to speak with the students, postdocs and faculty in an informal setting. This seminar series is administered by the Seminar Committee, composed of two faculty members, two postdoctoral research associates and one graduate student. Once each semester, the graduate students select and host an outside speaker.

The Tuesday Noon Seminars feature a student or postdoc in the plant sciences presenting a seminar on his/her research project.

Monday Seminars - Fall 2016

Jointly sponsored by the Plant Research Laboratory and the Department of Plant Biology.

Time: Mondays at 4:10 p.m.
Location: Room 101 Biochemistry Building
(Cookies and coffee at 4:00 p.m.)

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Date & Host Speaker Title
Jan 30

Jesse Lasky (PLB)
Penn State University

Plant Responses to Changing Environments via Plasticity and Adaptation
Feb 13
Helmut Kirchhoff (PRL)
Washington State University
Structural Boundary Conditions for Energy Conversion in Thylakoid Membranes
Feb 20
Rachel Gallery (PLB)
University of Arizona
The Ecology of Soil Microbes: Predicting Activity and Feedbacks in Temperate and Tropical Forests
Mar 13
G. Stefano
Sergey Shabala (PRL)
University of Tasmania, AU
Membrane Transport in Organelles: Optimizing Cell Performance for Adverse Environmental Conditions
Mar 20
Shachar-Hill & Osteryoung
Brad Olson (PLB)
Kansas State University
Peering Into the Pond for Clues to Multicellularity
Mar 27
Mark Johnson (PLB)
Brown University
Molecular Dialogues Between Pollen and Pistil
Apr 3
Gina Baucom (PLB)
University of Michigan
Human-Mediated Selection in the Agro-Ecosystem: The Evolution and Genetics of Herbicide Resistance in an Agricultural Weed
Apr 10
Alice Barkan (PRL)
University of Oregon
Genome-wide Analysis of Translational Dynamics in Chloroplasts
Apr 17
No seminar  
Apr 24
Marc T. J. Johnson (PLB)
University of Toronto - Missisauga
Evolution in the Urban Jungle
May 8

Richard Vierstra (PRL)
Washington University (St. Louis)

Location: MPS 1200 - 4:00p to 5:30p

Anton Lang Lecture


Tuesday Noon Seminars - Spring 2017 

Time: Tuesdays at 12:00 p.m.
Location: Room 168 Plant Biology

Download schedule as PDF 

Date Speaker Title
Jan 17

Tony Schilmiller,

Jeff Landgraf

Overview of MSU-RTSF Mass Spectrometry and Genomics Facilities
Jan 24 Dan TerAvest (Kramer Lab) Building a Global Network of Local PhotosynQ Users
Jan 31 Ruby Carrillo (Kramer Lab) Thinking outside the Plastid: An update on the chloroplasts ATP/ADP +Pi antiporter- NTT
Feb 7 No seminar  
Feb 14 Alyssa Preiser (Sharkey Lab) Characterization of Key Enzymes in the Glucose 6-Phosphate Shunt
Feb 21 No seminar  
Feb 28 Bi Linton (Qiagen) Qiagen: Discover how the QiaCube and QiaExcel can be used to speed up and enhance your research! 
Mar 7 No seminar Spring Break
Mar 14 No seminar PRL Faculty Candidate
Mar 21 Anna Hurlock (Benning Lab) In Vivo Lipid Tagging: New insights into lipid origins, processing, and distribution
Mar 28 Mio Cruz (Kramer Lab) A new chloroplast component that activates photoprotection by modulating ATP Synthase content 
Apr 4 Donghee Hoh (Kramer Lab) Chilling stress effects on photosynthesis in cowpea (Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp.) genotypes - map QTL on photosynthetic parameters  
Apr 11

Jeff Plegaria (Kerfeld Lab)

Clement Aussignargues (Kerfeld Lab)

Incorporation of Redox Active Motifs in Bacterial Microcompartments (Jeff)

Structure and function of a bacterial microcompartment shell protein engineered to bind a [4Fe-4S] cluster (Clement)

Apr 18 Sigal Lechno-Yossef (Kerfeld Lab) Orange carotenoid protein – a modular light sensor involved in NPQ in cyanobacteria
Apr 25 Swathi Nadakuduti (Douches Lab) Genome wide evaluation of off-targets introduced by genome editing nuclease, CRISPR/Cas9 in diploid potato 
May 2 André C. Velásquez (He Lab) Diverse mechanisms of resistance to Pseudomonas syringae in a thousand natural accessions of Arabidopsis thaliana