Innovative PRL research impresses at international workshop

PRL won two prizes at the 12th Workshop on Cyanobacteria, geared towards students and post docs. We interviewed our winners to find out what got them in science, and why their research is cool.

Acidification tells plants it's deadly freezing

The warning causes plants to protect their energy factories from freezing temperatures. This discovery will help increase both the economic feasibility of renewable energies and plant yields.

Alumni spotlight: Jianping Yu behind a major innovation

Dr. Yu, an assistant professor from 2002-2005, is currently at the nation's only federal lab dedicated to renewable energy. His work is opening doors to algae creating a new chemical - usually extracted from oil.

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PhotosynQ helping Malawian farmers increase yields

A fascinating collaboration has developed between the Kramer lab and local partners to improve land management practices in one of the poorest nations on the planet. 

Federica Brandizzi: behind the scientist

What makes Federica Brandizzi tick? What inspired her to study plants? Why did she leave Italy, breaking a family tradition of living in Rome for more generations than she can count? Find out.

Enhancing the value of biofuel crops with plant-based oils

Advances in synthetic biology are allowing Christoph Benning and his collaborators at the Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center to coax plants into producing more oils and valuable compounds. 

'Road testing' plants reveals photosynthesis secrets

The Kramer lab has published an article on groundbreaking technology that reveals the hidden workings of photosynthesis in living plants.

Sushi and science: creating a student community of minds

Bethany Huot, a PhD student at the PRL, realized that science is best done in supportive and active communities. So she created The Pub Club, a successful student-driven collective.

Hu co-authors paper on the regulation of plant stress response

The collaboration between Jianping Hu and Spanish researchers examines how peroxisomes and subcellular organelles detect and regulate the environmental stress response in plants.

Montgomery publishes on light harvesting efficiency

This fundamental photosynthesis research focuses on one cyanobacteria species in changing light environments. 

David Kramer featured on ExxonMobil algae biofuels article

The piece briefly explores the challenges behind scaling algae-based biofuels, as part of a recently started relationship between the Kramer Lab and ExxonMobil.

Brandizzi Lab celebrates 10 years at MSU

The lab researches critical plant production machinery that extends towards applications in such production areas as food, clothes, and precursors for biofuels.

Brandizzi Lab awarded an NSF grant for corn research

The 3-year multi-institutional project will aim to study and improve how this important crop reacts to extreme environmental stressors such as heat, drought, or high salt content.

Cheryl Kerfeld featured in MSU President's 2015 Report

The two-minute short is part of a series showcasing MSU's abilities in anticipating global challenges. Kerfeld's lab focuses on green energy sources and commodities through the bioengineering of microbes.

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Undergraduate Research Forum - Part 3/3: Michael Das

PRL undergraduates had a strong presence at the University Undergraduate Research and Arts Forum that took place at the MSU Union on Friday, April 8. Part 3 of the series profiles Michael Das.

David Kramer lands 2016 Kettering Award

Kramer is the recipient of the prestigious American Society of Plant Biologists 2016 Charles F. Kettering Award for his research into photosynthesis.

Undergraduate Research Forum - Part 2/3: Donna Liebelt

PRL undergraduates had a strong presence at the University Undergraduate Research and Arts Forum that took place at the MSU Union on Friday, April 8. Part 2 of the series introduces Donna Liebelt.

PhotosynQ's first workshop a success

The Kramer Lab hosted its first PhotosynQ workshop on April 22, 2016, attended by university members and private companies. 

Undergraduate Research Forum - Part 1/3: Hope Hersh

PRL undergrads had a strong presence at the University Undergraduate Research and Arts Forum that took place on Friday, April 8, even taking away a first prize for a poster presentation. We first profile Hope Hersh.

Jin Chen to join University of Kentucky in July

Jin Chen will join the University of Kentucky College of Medicine – Division of Biomedical Informatics as Associate Professor on July 1st, 2016.

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