Bowling scores only a mom could love, records shattered at PRL bowling tourney

  • May 31, 2017
  • outreach
  • By Igor Houwat

If you thought Mother’s Day weekend would keep the PRL away from the bowling lanes, think again:

A panoramic image of all 24 lanes at the bowling alley.

Instead, mothers were treated to one of the most epic Gutter Balls in recent memory.

Over 105 bowlers from the plant community came together for the 23rd edition, which took place at City Limits East. That number was the highest it has been for a while, according to event co-producer John Froehlich.

“We filled the place up, all 24 lanes!" John said. "A very special mention goes out to all of the young bowlers who came this year. By their enthusiastic participation, the future of Gutter Ball looks very bright!!”

Good times were had...

Bowlers at City East Limits having a good time.

Bowlers having a good time. Parents and kids attended.

... and things got a bit competitive. The Kerfeld lab even had team t-shirts made!

The Kerfeld lab created colored t-shirts to represent at the tournament!
By the Kerfeld lab

But history was yet to be made later that night. Eric Young, a grad student in the Ducat lab, won bigly to take home his first Gutter ball trophy.

His score of 267 set a new all-time high score for a Gutter Ball champion!

A portrait of Eric Young, this year's champ.
Eric Young

Here are some stats for the fans:

Notable Scores:

  • Eric Young: 200, 267
  • Erik Durfee: 176, 204
  • Tony Schilmiller: 167, 155, 190
  • Bryan Ferlez: 170
  • Joe Reidy: 169
  • John Froehlich: 167
  • Eric Poliner: 167
  • Giovanni Stefano: 152
  • Sam Vaitkevicius: 151

Women's Division:

  • Linda Danhof: 132, 127
  • Starla Zemelis-Durfee: 132
  • Ashley Horn: 132
  • Sarynna Lopez: 130
  • Barb Sears: 121

Previous Gutter Ball Champs:

  • John Froehlich (2003, 2006)
  • Ken Keegstra (2004, 2007)
  • Jon Glynn (2005)
  • Jackson Gehan (2008)
  • Robin Harris (2009)
  • Katie Cabot (2010)
  • Andy Scollon (2011)
  • Erik Durfee (2012)
  • Matt Oney (2013)
  • Henrik Tjellstrom (2014)
  • Tony Schilmiller (2015, 2016)
  • Eric Young (2017)

Will Eric hold on to his trophy in 2018? Will the record hold?

We will find out soon enough.

In the meantime, congrats Eric!