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Gutter Ball XXIV: Lee Alexander wins bowling tournament

On Friday, May 11, while the weather outside may have been cloudy and rainy, inside the City Limits Bowling Center, it was raining down bowling pins.

Once again, determined bowlers from various departments gathered at Gutter Ball XXIV to showcase their throwing skills in the hopes that by the end of the evening they would be crowned the overall Gutter Ball Champion.

Certainly, we applaud everyone’s efforts, but in the end, the prestigious “Gutter Ball Champion” title went to: Lee Alexander, who works in the GLBRC Cell Wall Analysis Facility. Congrats Lee!!

PRL staff
From left to right: Igor Houwat, John Froehlich, Tony Schilmiller, Ryan Mosley, Starla Zemelis
By Starla Zemelis

A very special mention goes out to all of the “young” bowlers who participated this year. By their enthusiastic involvement, the future of Gutter Ball looks very bright!!

Also, thanks to ALL the bowlers (over 100 from many different departments and labs!!!) who came out this year! Special mention goes out to the Howe lab, which was represented by four lanes of “JA induced”, enthusiastic and determined bowlers!!! Not to be outdone, the Hamberger Lab showed their team spirit by purchasing “THE TOWER”. While this beer device may not have enhanced their scores, it certainly made their lab one of the more animated groups of the evening.

Hamberger lab with the tower
The Hamberger Lab showed their team spirit by purchasing "THE TOWER."
By the Hamberger Lab

Finally, maybe it was the pressure or the thrill of possibly becoming the Gutter Ball Champion, that resulted in an array of bowling strategies being showcased this year: from Patrick Horn’s baby-assisted bowling technique, to Igor Houwat’s foot-foul strategy (four in all!) and to Ryan Mosely’s “just throwing heat” strategy (23-25mph bowling ball speeds)! All very interesting strategies that just came up a little short. Who knows what novel approaches we’ll see next year. Some people will do anything to get an advantage!

Hopefully, this overwhelming enthusiasm will be carried over to next year when the Gutter Ball will be observing its 25th Anniversary!! Certainly, this milestone will be celebrated by the ultimate bowling “Extravaganza” that you do not want to miss!

Mark our words, it’s going to be Huge!!!

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