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1. [VIDEO] New biofuel production system powered by a community of algae and fungi

The system lowers cultivation and harvesting costs and increases productivity, factors that currently hold back biofuels from being widely adopted.

Tags: Benning lab, green solutions
By By Igor Houwat, Zhi-Yan (Rock Du)
2. Keeping up with lipids on the move: a new molecular tracking method

Scientists have created a new tracking method for plant lipids. The approach could fill our knowledge gaps of lipid movement and help us improve yields in crops targeted for biofuels.

Tags: Benning lab, fundamental research
By By Igor Houwat, Anna Hurlock
3. Microbiologists and plant scientists find secret to tackling cholera [LINK]

While cholera rages across many regions of the world, a team of microbiologists and plant scientists from the Benning lab has pinpointed a genetic weakness in the pandemic’s armor, which could lead to future treatments.

Tags: Benning lab, fundamental research
By By Layne Cameron
4. 2018 Anton Lang Memorial Award Winners Announced

Han Bao and Eric Poliner have won the 2018 Anton Lang Memorial Award.

Tags: Benning lab, Kerfeld lab, awards
By By Igor Houwat
5. A new DNA editing toolkit for the alga Nannochloropsis

The alga Nannochloropsis is increasingly of interest for the production of biofuels and other oil-based chemicals.

Tags: Benning lab, green solutions
By By Igor Houwat, Eric Poliner
6. When lipids meet hormones: plants' answer to complex stresses

How plants harvest their own chloroplasts - photosynthesis machines that make their food - to help defend against outside threats.

Tags: Benning lab, future scientists, fundamental research
By By Igor Houwat, Kun Wang
7. Yang Yang, PRL post-doc, starts science editor position at Wiley Beijing

Yang Yang, a former post-doc in the lab of Christoph Benning, has started a science editor position at the Wiley Beijing office. Wiley is a global company that specializes in academic publishing. 

Tags: Benning lab, future scientists
By Igor Houwat
8. Christoph Benning wins 2018 MSU Innovator of the Year Award with John Ohlrogge

The two scientists were recognized by the MSU Innovation Center for their work on a gene switch that allows plants to accumulate seed oil.

Tags: Benning lab, awards
By Igor Houwat, Val Osowski; Photo courtesy of Katie Stiefel, Moonsail North
9. Benning lab students win at 2018 ASPB Midwest Meeting

Nick Fekaris and Tomomi Takeuchi, from the Benning lab, have won for presenting their research at the 2018 Annual Meeting - Midwestern Section of the American Society of Plant Biologists.

Tags: Benning lab, future scientists, awards
By By Igor Houwat; Banner image by Susanne Hoffmann-Benning
10. Anna Hurlock, recent PhD graduate, joins biotech company BioFire Diagnostics

Hurlock, formerly in the lab of Christoph Benning, joins the Utah-based biotech company as a Clinical Affairs Scientist.

Tags: future scientists, Benning lab
By By Igor Houwat

Displaying: 1 - 10 of 21