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For decades, scientists have unsuccessfully tried to dial up amino acid production in crops. One roadblock might be the target of rapamycin (TOR) protein, which detects nutrient availability in plant cells in order to control cell growth and metabolism.

By By Igor Houwat, Pengfei Cao

The protein IRE1C, a variant of the conserved IRE1 family, has been newly identified. It is indispensable for producing plant reproductive cells when another variant, IRE1B, is depleted.

The award recognizes the best doctoral dissertation in the plant sciences at Michigan State University over the last two years.

By By Igor Houwat

Luciana Renna and Ben Mansfeld were both recognized as scientists who exemplify the research excellence, ideas, dedication, and vision of former PRL director, Anton Lang.

By By Igor Houwat

The goal is to help increase the nutritional value of plants grown in spaceflight. The seeds will be on NASA's Orion spacecraft, on its maiden voyage to the moon and back.


New research reveals a protein, TGNap1, that supports the poorly-understood Trans-Golgi Network in structure, function, and motion. The study also provides evidence for microtubule-driven organelle movement, a new line of thought in plant science.

By By Igor Houwat, Luciana Renna. Banner image by RĂ©mi Walle

A Lansing State Journal story features Dr. Brandizzi, Evan Angelos, a fourth-year doctoral student, Starla Zemelis-Durfee, Brandizzi lab manager, and their research on how plants grow in and respond to stressful environments. 

By RJ Wolcott, Lansing State Journal

The American Association for the Advancement of Science has recognized Dr. Brandizzi for her work on the endoplasmic reticulum and the Golgi apparatus, organelles pivotal to food production in plant cells.

By By Jessi Adler

When facing drought or heat stress, roots are advance scouts that warn the rest of the plant to prepare for the big 'hit.'

By By Igor Houwat, Federica Brandizzi, Ya-Shiuan Lai

The two proteins, called VAP, indicate where endocytosis, a form of transport in which a living cell imports molecules, should occur.

By By Igor Houwat, Giovanni Stefano

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