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Ducat has received $1,033,970 to investigate the interactions that underpin resilient microbial partnerships and that may be key to solving some of the earth’s biggest resource challenges.

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By By Val Osowski

Madeline Bresson from the Sharkey lab and Jacob Wright from the Ducat lab have each won first prize at the University Undergraduate Research and Arts Forum. Both were recognized for their poster presentations.

By By Igor Houwat; Banner image of UURAF 2019 by Trumpie Photography

The Ducat lab's research on bioplastics is featured in a recent article in the online publication, The Conversation.

By By The Conversation

MSU scientists report how cyanobacteria line up their CO2-fixing factories within them in a system that works like Velcro. The research is part of an effort to control and repurpose these factories to make products for human consumption.

By By Igor Houwat, Danny Ducat

MSU’s second-ever iGEM team earned a Silver Medal for a new technology that can detect dangerous contaminants in the environment.

By By Bjoern Hamberger, Igor Houwat

The cooperative works like an assembly line and is relatively cheap to run. Future products could include medicine, even food for Martian outposts.

By Igor Houwat, Taylor Weiss

Scientists are learning how bacterial nanofactories are constructed in nature. Recent experiments show we could engineer their building blocks into new structures, for useful applications.

By Igor Houwat, Eric Young

Taylor will be Assistant Professor in the Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering, researching the design of artificial and synthetic algae-bacteria consortia for scaled production of bioproducts.

Clement Aussignargues and Joshua MacCready have won the 2017 Anton Lang Memorial Award.

By By Igor Houwat

The mechanism promotes cell division to ensure daughter cells are healthy and of equal size.

By By Joshua MacCready, Danny Ducat, Igor Houwat

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