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1. Protecting photosynthesis from stalling: a 24-hr molecular hotline

The enzyme, G6PDH, diverts and pumps resources into the Calvin-Benson cycle at critical moments to keep the cycle active and, by extension, plants happy and healthy.  

Tags: fundamental research, Sharkey lab
By By Igor Houwat, Alyssa Preiser
2. A new rhomboid-like protein that helps plants produce lipids

Rhomboid-like proteins are found across a large number of organisms, like bacteria, flies, and humans. This is the first time such a protein – and how it influences lipid production and transport – has been studied in detail in plants.

Tags: fundamental research, Benning lab
By By Igor Houwat, Anastasiya Lavell
3. Simpler & smaller: a new synthetic nanofactory inspired by nature

The genetically engineered shell is based on natural structures and the principles of protein evolution. Scientists see such structures as a source of new industrial or medical technologies.

Tags: Kerfeld lab, fundamental research
By By Igor Houwat, Bryan Ferlez, Sean McGuire; Banner image of synthetic shell by Markus Sutter
4. Our first look at a new light absorbing protein in cyanobacteria

The HCP2 protein is an ancestor of proteins that are known to protect against damage caused by excess light exposure. The study is the first of its kind to structurally and biophysically analyze a protein from the recently discovered HCP family.

Tags: fundamental research, Kerfeld lab
By By Igor Houwat, Maria Agustina Dominguez-Martin
5. Keeping plants nourished: the workings of a photosynthesis backup system

Plants use the shunt to quickly reboot the Calvin-Benson cycle, the crucial process that makes their food and nourishes the planet's food chain.

Tags: Sharkey lab, fundamental research
By By Igor Houwat, Thomas D. Sharkey
6. [LINK] Brandizzi lab to study the effect of space flight on seeds

The goal is to help increase the nutritional value of plants grown in spaceflight. The seeds will be on NASA's Orion spacecraft, on its maiden voyage to the moon and back.

Tags: fundamental research, Brandizzi lab
7. New insights into plant cell organelle and molecule movement

New research reveals a protein, TGNap1, that supports the poorly-understood Trans-Golgi Network in structure, function, and motion. The study also provides evidence for microtubule-driven organelle movement, a new line of thought in plant science.

Tags: fundamental research, Brandizzi lab
By By Igor Houwat, Luciana Renna. Banner image by RĂ©mi Walle
8. [LINK] How do you grow plants in space? Michigan State researchers are on the case

A Lansing State Journal story features Dr. Brandizzi, Evan Angelos, a fourth-year doctoral student, Starla Zemelis-Durfee, Brandizzi lab manager, and their research on how plants grow in and respond to stressful environments. 

Tags: fundamental research, Brandizzi lab
By RJ Wolcott, Lansing State Journal
9. [VIDEO] How bacteria organize their factories, and what it means for a bioeconomy

MSU scientists report how cyanobacteria line up their CO2-fixing factories within them in a system that works like Velcro. The research is part of an effort to control and repurpose these factories to make products for human consumption.

Tags: Ducat lab, fundamental research
By By Igor Houwat, Danny Ducat
10. Overspending on defense arsenal bankrupts a plant's economy

Can plants defend and grow simultaneously? The answer could help us understand natural ecosystems or help farmers increase yields without increasing dependence on pesticides.

Tags: Howe lab, fundamental research
By By Igor Houwat, Qiang Guo, Ian Major

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