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The new gene family helps control carbon dioxide fixation, which is the first step towards making high-energy molecules that feed the planet's organisms. 

By By Igor Houwat, Sigal Lechno-Yossef

The Benning lab student was a guest on The Sci-Files podcast, where she addressed her research on a protein that seems to be important for lipid regulation in Arabidopsis thaliana chloroplasts.

Marine algae, the evolutionary ancestors of plants, could have hitched a ride with fungi to make it onto dry land.

By By Igor Houwat, Zhi-Yan Du

High levels of photosynthetic productivity can dangerously alter a plant cell's chemical balance. GPT2 is a sort of 'brake' that helps recycle and store extra resources that are produced during those times.

By By Igor Houwat, Sean Weise

The rise in atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations is mixed news for farmers. Although it is a cause for disruptions in weather patterns, it is also a source of more fuel for photosynthesis and therefore enhanced growth - up to 40%.

By By The Economist

Various ways of affecting light-capturing antennae can cause cyanobacteria to either remain content or become stressed. The different responses depend on the species and the nature of the modification.

By By Igor Houwat, Beronda Montgomery; Banner by Christoph Benning

The enzyme, G6PDH, diverts and pumps resources into the Calvin-Benson cycle at critical moments to keep the cycle active and, by extension, plants happy and healthy.  

By By Igor Houwat, Alyssa Preiser

Rhomboid-like proteins are found across a large number of organisms, like bacteria, flies, and humans. This is the first time such a protein – and how it influences lipid production and transport – has been studied in detail in plants.

By By Igor Houwat, Anastasiya Lavell

The genetically engineered shell is based on natural structures and the principles of protein evolution. Scientists see such structures as a source of new industrial or medical technologies.

By By Igor Houwat, Bryan Ferlez, Sean McGuire; Banner image of synthetic shell by Markus Sutter

The HCP2 protein is an ancestor of proteins that are known to protect against damage caused by excess light exposure. The study is the first of its kind to structurally and biophysically analyze a protein from the recently discovered HCP family.

By By Igor Houwat, Maria Agustina Dominguez-Martin

Displaying: 1 - 10 of 59