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Monday Seminars

Time: Mondays at 4:10p (Cookies and coffee at 4p)
Location: Room 101 Biochemistry Building
*Download 2017-2018 schedule*

January 29, 2018
Matias Zurbriggen

Monday Seminar Series

Plant and mammalian synthetic biology approach for the control and understanding of cellular processes

February 12, 2018
Jean-Michel Ané

Monday Seminar Series

Plant-Microbe interactions and symbioses

February 19, 2018
Michael Udvardi

Monday Seminar Series

Genetic and genomic dissection of symbiotic nitrogen fixation in Medicago truncatula

February 26, 2018
Sigal Lechno-Yossef

Monday Seminar Series

Characterization of cyanobacterial RubisCO activase in Fremyella diplosiphon

March 12, 2018
Gregg Howe

Monday Seminar Series

Plant resistance to insect herbivores: At what cost?

March 19, 2018
Richard Dixon

Monday Seminar Series

Understanding and engineering plant metabolism for forage improvement

March 26, 2018
Alison Smith

Monday Seminar Series

Exploiting vitamin metabolism for algal biotechnology

April 2, 2018
Jose Dinneny

Monday Seminar Series

Stressed! How plants cope through dynamic responses

April 16, 2018
Elizabeth Waters

Monday Seminar Series

Boechera, why are you so cool?

May 14, 2018
Kazuo Shinozaki

Monday Seminar Series

Anton Lang Awards & Lecture

Tuesday Noon Seminars 

Time: Tuesdays at 12p
Location: Room 168 Plant Biology Building

January 16, 2018
Ian Major

Tuesday Noon Seminar Series

Metabolic re-programming during the growth to defense transition

January 23, 2018
Josh MacCready

Tuesday Noon Seminar Series

Protein gradients on the nucleoid position the carbon-fixing organelles of cyanobacteria

January 30, 2018
Lynn Richardson

Tuesday Noon Seminar Series

Molecular topology of the transit peptide during chloroplast protein import

February 6, 2018
Zhi-Yan (Rock) Du

Tuesday Noon Seminar Series

Chlamydomonas Galactoglycerolipid Lipase PGD1 is involved in thylakoid membrane remodeling in response...

February 13, 2018
Atsuko Kanazawa

Tuesday Noon Seminar Series

HyperspeQ: A PhotosynQ-capable, hyperspectral spectrometer for assessing photosynthesis...

February 20, 2018
Miranda Haus

Tuesday Noon Seminar Series

Regulation of stomatal patterning by CO2 across Arabidopsis tissues occurs during spacing divisions

February 27, 2018
Alexandra Lantz

Tuesday Noon Seminar Series

Control of isoprene emission from plants by substrate supply and isoprene synthase

March 13, 2018
Brad Abramson

Tuesday Noon Seminar Series

Carbon partitioning in engineered cyanobacterium for the study of feedback inhibition of photosynthesis 

March 20, 2018
Stefanie Tietz

Tuesday Noon Seminar Series

Identification of Arabidopsis peroxisome proteins involved in photosynthesis under dynamic light...

March 27, 2018
Bryan Ferlez

Tuesday Noon Seminar Series

Engineering modular protein membranes for electron transfer and enzyme scaffolding

April 17, 2018
Mio Sato-Cruz

Tuesday Noon Seminar Series

A novel modulator of the chloroplast ATP synthase: implications for regulation of photosynthesis

May 1, 2018
Christian Danve M. Castroverde

Tuesday Noon Seminar Series

Insights into the effect of elevated temperature on salicylic acid-mediated plant immunity

Social Events & More

February 12, 2018
DOE Research Discussion

DOE Project A Meeting

Report on the maac6 mutants that affect ATP synthase content in chloroplasts

February 19, 2018
DOE Research Discussion

DOE Project A Meeting

Regulation of Cyclic Electron Flow and its connection to metabolic plasticity in chloroplasts

April 26, 2018
DOE Research Discussion

DOE Project A Meeting

FRIP, delayed fluorescence and pmf

May 11, 2018
Bowling Extravaganza

Social Event

The 24th Gutter Ball Bowling Extravaganza at City Limits East

May 19, 2018
Fascination of Plants Day

Public event

Hosted by MSU plant scientists; family-friendly activities; educating the general public about plants

External Seminar Series