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Alistair Rogers

Date & Location: March 22, 2021, at 4p; Virtual visit

Subject: Improving representation of photosynthesis in Earth System Models

Host: Mauricio Tejera

About the Speaker

Institution: Brookhaven National Laboratory 

Research Interests: Dr. Rogers' research aims to improve understanding of the mechanisms that underlie whole plant and ecosystem responses to global change, and to improve representation of these processes in Terrestrial Biosphere Models. His current work is focused on understanding and model representation of photosynthesis and respiration in Arctic and tropical ecosystems. His research has covered many natural and managed ecosystems including row and forage crops, decidous and evergreen temperate trees, and most recently Arctic tundra and tropical rainforests.  Dr. Rogers is a whole plant physiologist and his research, whilst focused on photosynthesis, also considers processes down stream of carbon acquisition that can have important feedbacks on photosynthesis and plant growth, specifically whole plant source-sink balance and carbon and nitrogen metabolism. His earlier work was centered on the response of plants to elevated carbon dioxide concentration, in particular, Free Air CO2 Enrichment (FACE) experiments where plants were exposed to elevated levels of carbon dioxide in their natural environment. Dr. Rogers' interest in understanding plant responses to global change continues in the Arctic where he is using novel passively warmed field enclosures to study the impact of elevated temperature on Arctic photosynthesis and respiration. He is also interested in measuring plant functional traits using spectroscopy to enable non-destructive, high-throughput, measurements that can be scaled from the leaf to the landscape.