Christine Queitsch

  • Mar 25, 2019

Date & Location: March 25, 2019, at 4p; Room 101 Biochemistry Building

Subject: Exploring the complex relationships between chromatin accessibility, sequence variation, and gene expression with new technology

Host: Erich Grotewold

About the Speaker

University: University of Washington

Research Interests: "Our research focuses on two related fields: the genetic architecture of complex traits and the role of gene regulation and protein folding in generating heritable phenotypic variation. We advance complex trait genetics by ascertaining uncharacterized sequence variation and by resolving the relative importance of additive variation and epistasis in complex traits. Lastly, to improve the genotype- phenotype map, we envision molecular markers, applicable in any organism, that predict the penetrance of genetic variants in a given individual."

"To advance our understanding of plant gene regulation, we build on our recent success in mapping the A. thaliana cis-regulatory landscape in response to heat and light, in specific cell types, and across divergent strains. Future projects emphasize the functional exploration of newly identified regulatory phenomena. Prompted by recent findings, we explore the role of prions as developmental switches in plants."