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Chunhua Zhang

Date & Location: February 24, 2020, at 4p; Room 1200 Molecular Plant Sciences Building

Subject: Chemical genetics reveals that the catalytic activity of plant protein complexes affects their cellular trafficking

Host: Lingyan Cao

About the Speaker

University: Purdue University

Research Interests: Endomembrane trafficking is essential for plant growth and development and is involved in multiple aspects of plants' interaction with the environment. We are interested in understanding the mechanisms of macromolecule transport between different organelles and the temporal and spatial regulation of the trafficking process. We use high-throughput chemical library screening to identify compounds that target specific trafficking process and then use conditional genetic screening to identify novel cellular components that are involved in the same process. It allows us to observe and document direct and instant cellular response upon trafficking machinery interruption by short-term compound treatment combined with live cell imaging. Mutations in genes that are involved in trafficking process may show altered response to compound in compare with the wild-type plants. Due to the conservation of trafficking machinery between different organisms, our research topic provides opportunities in collaboration with plant pathologists in understanding plant-microbe interaction and biomedical researchers in studying human disease control.