Corby Kistler

  • Apr 12, 2019

Date & Location: April 12, 2019, at 4p; Room 168 Plant Biology Laboratories

Subject: A toxic arrangement - subcellular compartmentalization of sesquiterpene mycotoxin synthesis

Host: Frances Trail

About the Speaker

University: University of Minnesota

Abstract: Terpenes are one of the major classes of bioactive fungal secondary metabolites. While knowledge of the enzymology and genetics of the fungal terpenome has advanced greatly in recent years, scant information is available on the cell biology of terpene biosynthesis. Where are terpenes assembled within the cell and how are they exported efficiently? Since other pathways for fungal primary and secondary metabolism also draw upon terpene precursor molecules, how do cells channel and apportion the supply of shared precursors to the different pathways? The answer to these questions will require greater understanding of the cellular and developmental processes that allow for the expression of the fungal terpenome. This knowledge may be essential for understanding the efficient and high level production of terpenes by filamentous fungi.