Corné Pieterse

  • Dec 2, 2019
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Date & Location: December 2, 2019, at 4p; Room 1200 Molecular Plant Sciences Building

Subject: The soil-borne supremacy: the root microbiome and plant immunity

Host: Sheng Yang He

About the Speaker

University: Utrecht University

Research Interests: Non-pathogenic rhizobacteria live in or on plant roots and are able to help the plant to defend itself by activating a systemic, broad-spectrum disease resistance called rhizobacteria-induced systemic resistance (ISR). In the past years the Pieterse lab investigated the molecular mechanisms of how beneficial soil-borne rhizobacteria are able to stimulate the plant’s immune system, thereby protecting the plant against a broad spectrum of plant pathogens and even insect herbivores. They unraveled many molecular details of the ISR signaling pathway. A recent review on this topic entitled “Induced systemic resistance (ISR) by beneficial microbes" provides a comprehensive update of the field.