Jose Pruneda-Paz

  • Feb 25, 2019

Date & Location: February 25, 2019, at 4p; Room 101 Biochemistry Building

Subject: Identifying novel mechanisms that regulate circadian clock and defense responses in Arabidopsis

Host: Eva Farre

About the Speaker

University: University of California San Diego

Abstract: As most organisms that live in our planet, plants evolved an accurate mechanism to time physiological responses throughout the day. Such mechanism, known as the circadian clock, integrates with most major plant signaling modules. One goal of my research program is to investigate the crosstalk between the plant clock and defense responses in the Arabidopsis model. In particular, we are focused on uncovering the transcriptional mechanisms that modulate: 1) the clock function upon a pathogen attack and 2) the circadian control of defense responses. For that, we established approaches to investigate how the Arabidopsis clock function is modulated by a localized bacterial pathogen infection and to identify genome-wide transcription factor - DNA interactions. I will present our latest work that unraveled clock changes upon a single-leaf bacterial infection and the signaling pathways that are involved in this regulation. I will also present recent improvements to our transcription factor screening approach and illustrate how this strategy allowed us to discover novel regulators of plant defense.