Atsuko Kanazawa

  • Feb 13, 2018

Date & Location: February 13, 2018, at 12p; Room 168 Plant Biology Building

Subject: HyperspeQ: A PhotosynQ-capable, hyperspectral spectrometer for assessing photosynthesis and health of algae, corals and sea grasses 

Abstract: Hyperspectral measurements can often detect subtle differences in the optical properties of samples that can be used as indicators of health, quality and other important properties in algae, corals and aquatic plants. The broad scale application of these techniques has been hindered by the lack of affordable instrumentation, critical data sets and analytical approaches.

To overcome these obstacles, we are developing an inexpensive, easy to use device, HyperspeQ that connects to the PhotosynQ open science platform ( The device can measure spectral reflectance (from 380 to 800 nm), transmission through samples (or absorption, from 380 to 800 nm) and fluorescence emission spectra (excitation wavelengths from 405, 435, 450, 525 and 605 nm, and emission wavelengths up to 800 nm). It can also make a wide range of pulse amplitude (PAM) fluorescence measurements to detect and characterize photosynthetic processes. Data collected with HyperspeQ are transmitted to the PhotosynQ platform, which already has a range of available analytical, statistical and visualization tools.

This talk will show how to use the platform, new development of instrument, and why collecting data in the field is important for our researches and implications of the current world. 

Atsuko Kanazawa is a Research Assistant Professor in the lab of David Kramer.