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Igor Houwat (Communications Manager)

Date & Location: November 12, 2019, at 12p; Room 168 Plant Biology Building

Subject: Science communications @ the PRL: Why it matters, what we do, and how you can help

Abstract: You do the research. After months of writing, and multiple revisions, that research is published. You present it to a small circle of your peers. But, beyond that, how does anyone else, from funding agencies to the ‘public’, learn about your work? That’s where the PRL communications department comes in. I’ll cover: 1) why science communication, that builds bridges between scientists and various audiences, matters; 2) ‘products’ used to communicate PRL science to these audiences; and 3) resources you can use to help me do the best work on your behalf. I’d also like to know how else I can support you.

I hope you leave with this idea: science comms. is easier than you think, and I’m here to help.