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Kenneth Keegstra

University Distinguished
Professor Emeritus

Departments: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology - Plant Biology

Research Interests

Kenneth Keegstra no longer operates a research laboratory. Over the years, his research group has studied two different aspects of plant biology: (1) protein targeting into chloroplasts and (2) the biosynthesis of plant cell wall polysaccharides. Selected references are shown below. Other references can be obtained from the PubMed Search.

Selected References

Pauly M, and Keegstra K. (2016). Biosynthesis of the Plant Cell Wall Matrix Polysaccharide Xyloglucan.  Annual Review of Plant Biology. [Epub ahead of print]. PMID: 26927904.

Reumann S, Inoue K, and Keegstra K. (2005). Evolution of the general protein import pathway of plastids (review). Molecular Membrane Biology; Jan-Apr; 22(1-2): 73-86. Review. PMID:16092526.


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