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Regular Faculty

Christoph Benning
Office:phone number (517) 355-1609
Lab:phone number (517) 353-7876
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Director, MSU Foundation Professor, University Distinguished Professor
Lipid Metabolism in Photosynthetic Organisms
Federica Brandizzi
Office:phone number (517) 353-7872
Lab:phone number (517) 353-3383
MSU Foundation Professor
Dynamics of Secretory Membrane Traffic in Plant Cells
Danny Ducat
Office:phone number (517) 432-5118
Lab:phone number (517) 432-3712
Associate Professor
Cyanobacterial Biology and Biotechnology
Gregg Howe
Office:phone number (517) 355-5159
Lab:phone number (517) 355-5197
University Distinguished Professor, MSU Foundation Professor
Plant-Insect Interactions
Jianping Hu
Office:phone number (517) 432-4620
Lab:phone number (517) 432-4622
Energy Organelle Dynamics and Interorganellar Interactions
Cheryl Kerfeld
Office:phone number (517) 432-4371
Lab:phone number (517) 432-4349
Hannah Distinguished Professor
Bacterial Microcompartments and Cyanobacterial Photoprotection
David M. Kramer
Office:phone number (517) 432-0072
Lab:phone number (517) 432-0071
Hannah Distinguished Professor
Energetics and Control of Photosynthesis Reactions
Beronda Montgomery
Office:phone number (517) 353-7802
Lab:phone number (517) 353-3992
MSU Foundation Professor, Adjunct
Molecular Genetic and Biochemical Analysis of Photomorphogenesis
Thomas D. Sharkey
Office:phone number (517) 353-3257
Lab:phone number (517) 353-4886
University Distinguished Professor
Plant-Atmosphere Gas Exchange
Daniela Strenkert
Office:phone number (517) 353-7802
Lab:phone number (517) 353-3992
Assistant Professor
Multi-Omics Resolution of Photosynthetic Performance
Michael Thomashow
Office:phone number (517) 355-2299
Lab:phone number (517) 353-3205
University Distinguished Professor, MSU Foundation Professor
Plant Resilience
Josh Vermaas
Office:phone number (517) 884-6937
Assistant Professor
Computing Renewable Solutions Through Molecular Modeling
Berkley Walker
Office:phone number (517) 355-3928
Lab:phone number (517) 352-4877
Assistant Professor
Resolving Photosynthetic Fluxes In A Changing World