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1. Scientists find new methods to control bacterial factories for biotech aims

The Kerfeld lab announces two new methods for manipulating bacterial factories for biotech aims: one is to screen and extract the factories, the other is to predictably insert custom enzymes in them.

Tags: Kerfeld lab, green solutions
By By Igor Houwat, Andrew Hagen; Banner of cyanobacteria by MSU CABS
2. 2018 Anton Lang Memorial Award Winners Announced

Han Bao and Eric Poliner have won the 2018 Anton Lang Memorial Award.

Tags: Benning lab, Kerfeld lab, awards
By By Igor Houwat
3. Tina Dominguez-Martin awarded prestigious Marie Curie Fellowship

The award will provide up to $300,000 over three years to support the post-doc's research on marine cyanobacterial photoprotection.

Tags: Kerfeld lab, awards, future scientists
By By Igor Houwat, Maria Agustina Dominguez-Martin
4. PhD student, Aiko Turmo, awarded prestigious NSF fellowship

The fellowship is the oldest of its kind in the nation. Aiko will benefit from a three-year annual stipend of $34,000, a $12,000 cost of education allowance for tuition and fees, and opportunities for career development.

Tags: Kerfeld lab, awards
By By Igor Houwat
5. How to build artificial nanofactories to power our futures: Logistics

A peek into the logistics of how bacterial nanofactories move electrons, towards creating chemical products. Future apps include renewable energy and medical tools.

Tags: Kerfeld lab, fundamental research
By Igor Houwat, Jeff Plegaria
6. Identifying a new family of light-responsive proteins

The new family of proteins protects cyanobacteria from sunlight damage, and they are interesting for use in synthetic medical or renewable energy applications.

Tags: Kerfeld lab, Montgomery lab, fundamental research
By Igor Houwat, Han Bao
7. Turning the evolutionary clock back on a light-sensitive protein

Scientists show how the two OCP parts interact and also create new synthetic versions of that protein. The goal is to use it in synthetic healthcare systems, powered by light.

Tags: Sigal, Kerfeld lab, fundamental research
By Igor Houwat, Sigal Lechno-Yossef
8. Han Bao wins Gordon Research Conference award

Her poster showcased a newly discovered family of light-sensitive proteins of interest for renewable energy and medical applications.

Tags: Kerfeld lab, future scientists, awards
By Igor Houwat, Han Bao
9. [VIDEO] Our first ever look at bacterial organelle shells

In a new Science publication, The Kerfeld lab show us the details of bacterial organelle shells for the first time ever, making it easier to target them for medical or renewable energy applications. 

Tags: Kerfeld lab, green solutions
By By Igor Houwat, Layne Cameron, Markus Sutter
10. How to build an artificial nano-factory to power our futures

The Kerfeld lab has analyzed over 200 sets of cyanobacteria DNA. This knowledge is getting us closer to understanding how to build synthetic factories that will someday produce green fuels or products used to diagnose diseases.

Tags: Kerfeld lab, fundamental research
By By Igor Houwat, Manuel Sommer

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