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There are 15 item(s) tagged with the keyword "outreach".

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Plant cell wall research is shared at 2022 international conference

In June 2022, plant cell wall researchers from around the world were able to meet in person for the first time in three years at the 9th International Cell Wall Research Conference in East Lansing, Michigan.

Tags: outreach, Brandizzi lab By Amber Wise; Banner image by Kara Headley
Gutter Ball 26: Erik Durfee claims second championship

Friday, June 3, 2022, the City Limits Bowling Center saw the RETURN of Gutter Ball 26! After a two-year hiatus, over 60 bowlers fought tooth and nail for the chance to win the prestigious title of “Gutter Ball 26 Champion.”

Tags: outreach By John Froehlich; Banner by Linda Danhof
Gutter Ball 25: Tony Schilmiller claims third championship

The PRL celebrated 25 years of bowling. Over 100 MSU staff, faculty, and students took over City Limits Bowling Center to vie for the ultimate prize: Gutter Ball 25 Champion!

Tags: outreach By By John Froehlich; Images by Igor Houwat
MSU scientists teach kids about plant defense at MSU Science Festival 2019

4th to 6th graders got to learn about plant defense mechanisms and the scientific method. Leah Johnson, lead organizer, reflects on the event in an interview.

Tags: outreach, Howe lab By By Igor Houwat; Banner image of MSU scientists by Igor Houwat
Explore the Science and Art of Plants at Third Annual Fascination of Plants Day @ MSU: Arts Go Green

MSU hosts the third annual Fascination of Plants Day @ MSU. This year, plant sciences meet the arts in a collaboration between MSU plant scientists, the Broad Art Museum at Michigan State University, and the East Lansing Art Festival.

Tags: outreach By By Igor Houwat; Banner image by Harley J Seeley
[LINK] Ducat featured as essential reading for stemming the tide of trash

The Ducat lab's research on bioplastics is featured in a recent article in the online publication, The Conversation.

Tags: outreach, Ducat lab By By The Conversation
Faculty Voice: Berkley Walker: Beneath the ski mask

Recently, our own Berkley Walker was recorded skiing across campus on the eve of a polar vortex. That recording went viral. Read why he thinks plants are even hardier than he was that day.

Tags: Walker lab, outreach
Gutter Ball XXIV: Lee Alexander wins bowling tournament

Alexander, who works in the GLBRC Cell Wall Analysis Facility, won the coveted "Gutter Ball Champion" title.

Tags: outreach By By John Froehlich
MSU hosts second Fascination of Plants Day

PRL and MSU scientists invited the general public to explore the world of plants and algae, including fun hands-on activities for kids and adults.

Tags: outreach By By Igor Houwat
MSU 2017 team wins silver medal at synthetic biology competition

MSU’s second-ever iGEM team earned a Silver Medal for a new technology that can detect dangerous contaminants in the environment.

Tags: Ducat lab, outreach, future scientists By By Bjoern Hamberger, Igor Houwat

Displaying: 1 - 10 of 15