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Research in the Walker Lab reveals how photosynthetic fluxes interact with plant metabolism and the environment to drive energy capture, carbon fixation and growth. We use these findings to scale up the impact of photosynthetic metabolism to the leaf and canopy scale. Questions we find particularly interesting are those that produce a quantitative or integrative result. Our long-term vision is to combine classical measurements of carbon and energy exchange with recent advances in resolving metabolic fluxes through metabolism using isotopic labeling methods. Our ultimate goal is to engineer more efficient photosynthesis under dynamic conditions and better understand our planet’s response to climate change.

Having started in the summer of 2018, we are a young lab and have many exciting directions underway, broadly classified into the following categories:

  • The function and regulatory role of photorespiration under real-world conditions
  • Developing next-generation integration of metabolic flux measurements of carbon assimilation
  • Mechanisms of CO2 transfer from the atmosphere to the chloroplast

To get a feel for our research, please peruse our publications.

If you are interested broadly in these types of research questions please contact Berkley to discuss open positions in the lab.