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Shannon Donnelly

Shannon DonnellyDate: April 9, 2024

Time: 1:00 pm

In-person location: 168 PLB

Zoom: https://bit.ly/prltuesnoon
Meeting ID: 957 9659 6975
Passcode: 420205

Speaker: Shannon Donnelly

Lab: Lundquist/Kramer Lab

Title: Non-photochemical quenching in a plastoglobule localized protein 

Abstract: The plastoglobule remains an enigmatic, yet ubiquitous sub compartment of the chloroplast found in all photosynthetic organisms and physically bound to the thylakoid membrane. Their function is unknown; however, there have been massive implications for a role in stress response due to increases in abundance and swelling during or after an (a)biotic stressor. Recent advancements in omics-based technologies have identified a core group of proteins localized to the plastoglobule, which can provide insights into how this lipoprotein may be acting to mitigate adverse effects on the photosynthetic apparatus. This presentation will present a plastoglobule protein known as Plastoglobular Protein 18 (PG18) and will discuss the non-photochemical quenching (NPQ) associated with the mutant under both control and stressed conditions. Preliminary evidence suggests that a phosphorylation event is inhibitory for protein function and when sustained is responsible for the observed elevated NPQ. Potential explanations and hypotheses will be further discussed.