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Training & Certification

Training and Professional Development Opportunities

There are a number of programs to provide graduate students with training and professional development opportunities. Some provide funding, others do not. Common opportunities PRL graduate students participate in include:

  • Plant Biotechnology for Health and Sustainability Graduate Training Program: Provides new training and career opportunities for predoctoral candidates at MSU who are pursuing research related to plant biotechnology and chemical engineering
  • MSU BEST: An experimental program dedicated to empowering graduate student trainees to develop professional skills and experiences
  • Spartan Innovations Venture Fellows Program: Provides critical resources and guidance to students, helping to launch their startup companies and commercialize technologies. Along with the opportunity to refine business and leadership skills, Venture Fellows are paid a fellowship of $6,500 for the eight-month period
  • Graduate School Professional Development: The Graduate School guides students and postdocs to the resources they need for planning and professional development

Certification in Teaching College Science and Math

PRL graduate students who are contemplating a career in teaching have the option of enrolling in this program to hone their teaching skills and practice new techniques.  The Certification in Teaching College Science and Mathematics is a voluntary comprehensive program to prepare graduate students in the College of Natural Science (CNS) for careers in post-secondary education while enhancing the quality of their teaching at Michigan State.

The requirements for Certification are designed to provide background and training in the teaching of science and mathematics at the College level. The program will include course work, workshops and seminars to provide basic information on teaching and learning and will be tailored to meet the needs and goals of each participant. In addition, the program will require a mentored teaching experience and the development of a teaching portfolio.

The certificate earned by the participating students and the materials developed in the teaching portfolio will assist graduates seeking employment in an increasingly competitive job market.

Internship Information

Graduate students may choose to participate in an internship. The MSU Career Services Network and the MSU Graduate School offer resources to help Ph.D. students find opportunities.

Additional Resources