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Additional PRL Research

The MSU-DOE Plant Research Laboratory gathers scientists with varied areas of expertise to tackle key problems too large to study in single, isolated labs. The projects below address some of today's most challenging scientific questions, with implications for renewables, food sustainability, and medical and industrial technologies.

Two people use a device to scan a leaf Fundamental Research

Basic research into the biology of plants, cyanobacteria, and algae. Projects include:

                  • Modeling photosynthesis in dynamic environments
                  • Resistance against pathogens, herbivores and environmental stress
                  • Cell organization and metabolism

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An instrument clamps to a leaf

Sustainable Solutions

Innovative, ground-breaking applied research to address energy and food challenges:

  • New technologies, used in over 26 countries, to diagnose plant health and performance
  • Engineering bacteria for industrial and medical applications
  • Green economy: Biofuels and renewables through algae and microbial communities

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