Graduate Program

Graduate Research within the PRL is coordinated within the context of other on-campus graduate programs (see How to Apply). Notable features of conducting Masters or Ph.D. research within a PRL lab include:

  • Interdisciplinary training in plant biology and photosynthetic microbes
  • Rotations in 3+ labs for first-year graduate assistants
  • Research opportunities in collaborative group projects involving multiple PIs that tackle some of today's most pressing challenges in plant biology, energy, and sustainability.
  • Renewable 12-month research assistantships, including:
    • Graduate Assistant stipend
    • 9 credits per semester free
    • In-state tuition rates for all additional credits
    • Health insurance coverage
  • Exceptional research and plant growth facilities
  • Exposure to broader plant research activities through seminar offerings twice weekly throughout the academic year
  • Opportunity to pursue Certification in Teaching College Science and Mathematics, a voluntary comprehensive program to prepare graduate students in the College of Natural Science (CNS) for careers in post-secondary education
  • Regular departmental retreats featuring presentations of research projects, poster sessions, games, group outing/activities and discussion of the vision of PRL
  • Training to prepare students for a variety of scientific careers and exposure to non-academic career paths in science through the Plant Biotechnology for Health and Sustainability Roundtables and CHOICES Day