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Code of Ethics

  • The PRL prioritizes the cultivation of a welcoming, nourishing and inclusive atmosphere that encourages creative exploration, collaboration, and scientific excellence.
  • Central to this goal, we will foster an environment that promotes the trust necessary for open and honest scientific and professional discussion. This includes fostering safe and nonjudgmental venues that emphasize fact-based discussions.
  • We strive to approach our colleagues and collaborations with reciprocal generosity and respect. Likewise, we endeavor to receive feedback with the assumption of these motivations.
  • We will promote activities that highlight the strengths of our colleagues, celebrate our successes, and recognize individual contributions and intellectual efforts towards our shared mission.
  • We seek to avoid actions that erode trust or diminish inclusiveness. These include interactions that exhibit disrespect, bullying, dominance, prejudice, exclusionary dealing or gossip, and circumstances leading to internal competition. We are striving to increase the standard of transparency. Transparency is the embodiment of respect and trust that we strive for.
  • We commit to self-examination of our internal biases and to endeavor to allow awareness to mitigate how these biases influence our actions. We will reflect upon these biases and make every effort to take corrective action when they are not grounded in objective facts.
  • We place value upon the development of young scientists from diverse backgrounds and especially commit to the above actions to promote the intellectual maturation, career development and advancement of the next scientific generation.

For further information, contact the PRL Community Building and Outreach Committee: prlcboc@msu.edu

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