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Research Associate Donghee Hoh awarded 2023 ASPB Travel Award

By Abby Aldrich

Donghee Hoh, a postdoctoral researcher of the Kramer Lab at the MSU-DOE Plant Research Laboratory was awarded the 2023 American Society of Plant Biologists, or ASPB, Women’s Young Investigator Travel Award. The award paid for travel to the ASPB conference held this August in Savannah, Georgia. Women members of ASPB who are early in their career are eligible for this award.

Donghee Hoh uses a handheld instrument which clamps onto a leafy plant
Postdoctoral researcher Donghee Hoh.
By Kara Headley

This was Donghee’s first time attending the ASPB conference, and she found it to be a great experience. She wants to encourage postdocs and graduate students to seek out and apply for opportunities like this one.

“You never know, right? But this was a great opportunity,” she said.

At the conference, Donghee presented a poster detailing her research on the underlying mechanism of temperature-dependent rapid photoprotection that was found in a field experiment. She recapitulated real-world conditions in the lab, focusing on identifying the rate-limiting steps of photoprotection under those conditions.

She also got to meet and sit down and discuss with researchers all over the world who were using the MultispeQ device her lab had developed, a handheld device that can be taken into the field to measure photosynthetic phenotypes.

David Kramer and Donghee Hoh
Hannah Distinguished Professor David Kramer with Donghee Hoh.
By Kara Headley

Not only did Donghee present her research, but she also heard researchers from other fields speak. Compared to other conferences she had attended before, ASPB was an all-encompassing conference for plant biology. This allowed her to hear from different fields and discuss aspects of their research.

Donghee got to meet with the other six women who also received the award through a small ceremony during the meetings at the conference. They had time to discuss their experiments, research and their lives as researchers.

“As a woman, it’s different. Several of them have a family and they have research. It was interesting too – like a shared goal: how can we have research and a family?” Donghee said.

Learn more about the award: https://aspb-wyita.secure-platform.com/a/page/closed