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Amplify STEM: Course-based Undergraduate Research Experience

By Kara Headley

Fixed-term Assistant Professor Jinjie Liu discusses the CURE, Course-based Undergraduate Research Experience. This program at MSU connects students in the classroom with researchers in the MSU-DOE Plant Research Laboratory, in Christoph Benning's lab, allowing them to conduct real research and get a taste of what being a researcher means.

Read more about CURE: https://prl.natsci.msu.edu/news-and-events/news/cure-at-msu-bringing-the-laboratory-experience-to-undergraduate-classrooms.aspx

Learn more about the Amplify STEM video initiative: https://natsci.msu.edu/diversity-equity-and-inclusion/amplify-stem/index.aspx

Video by Kara Headley
Sponsored by the PRL Community Building and Outreach Committee
Music from YouTube Audio Library: No Indication by TrackTribe, Icelandic Arpeggios by DivKid, Skylines by Anno Domini Beats