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Dae Kwan Ko named 2020 MSU Cloud Computing Fellow

Beginning in November, the MSU Cloud Computing Fellowship will provide a series of group sessions that will cover a wide range of subjects relating to cloud computing. This first phase will include presentations, workshops and hands-on exploration of cloud computing concepts and platforms. During the second phase of the fellowship, fellows will work with Ezra Brooks from IT Services and Dr. Mahmoud Parvizi from ICER to design a cloud-based application that can be applied to a specific research problem of their choosing.

“This year’s cohort of Cloud Computing Fellows represent a true cross-section of Michigan State University, with research areas that span engineering, the life sciences, social sciences, mathematics, and many other fields.” said Dr. Brian O’Shea, ICER Director and the founder of the fellowship program, “I’m really excited to see how they use cloud computing to advance their work.” Ezra Brooks, who developed the initial curriculum for the program, and will continue to instruct and mentor this year’s fellows said, “There is so much incredible research happening at MSU, and it's great to see how cloud computing can benefit people working in so many different fields.” He hopes this year’s training will inspire fellows to discover and explore new ideas. 

Read the full press release on the Institute for Cyber-Enabled Research website.