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A test tube a hand is putting seeds in
January 26, 2024
How are astronauts going to grow their food when they’re in space? It’s a question that Michigan State University scientists are asking, and one that they’re growing closer to answering.
A man leans forward, inspecting a leafy green plant in a greenhouse.
December 19, 2023
In a study published in The Plant Journal, researchers looked at the complex regulation of the storage of cell wall mixed-linkage glucan, or MLG, in sorghum, a crop that’s a promising biofuel feedstock. MLG is a component of the cell wall that is believed to have several biological functions, but its precise role during the vegetative growth of plants is not understood well.
Federica Brandizzi
December 13, 2023
Can seeds sent into space grow better plants on Earth? Federica Brandizzi is a University Distinguished Professor at Michigan State University and an MSU Research Foundation Professor who wanted to find out.
A close-up of a gloved hand injecting a green leaf on a plant with a small syringe.
November 16, 2023
Researchers from Michigan State University have shed light on the biological puzzle of how plants launch immune responses. Reporting in Nature Communications, the team revealed one protein that plays a key role in mobilizing a plant’s antimicrobial defenses
A close up on hands holding a scientific plate with plant seedlings on it
August 30, 2023
MSU researchers reveal a biological pathway that could be targeted to breed more resilient crops.
A handheld MultispeQ device is used on Arabidopsis thaliana plants to measure their rates of photosynthesis. Credit: Kara Headley
July 24, 2023
Research from the Brandizzi lab, led by postdoc Naveen Sharma, helps to better characterize the role of carbonic anhydrases in Arabidopsis thaliana, focusing on βCA1 and βCA5.
Allen Trevizo
July 5, 2023
Allen Trevizo, a recent Michigan State University grad from both the Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and Genomics & Molecular Genetics undergraduate programs, started his career path with dental school in mind, a far cry from where he is today.
Federica Brandizzi
April 4, 2023
Michigan State University’s renowned plant researchers are collaborating on solutions to grow more abundant, nutritious and resilient plants that will feed a growing population.
Federica Brandizzi, Felicia Wu, Bruno Basso
March 29, 2023
PRL faculty member Federica Brandizzi discusses agricultural innovation. The world’s population is growing, and climate change is continuing to impact the crops we need to feed that growing population.
Federica Brandizzi and Joanne Thomson look at some of the seedlings that returned from lunar orbit on the Orion spacecraft.
March 28, 2023
The moon holds answers, and a Michigan State University plant biologist is bringing those answers within reach. Patience, creativity and a cheerful fearlessness are turning insights buried in plant seeds into pathways to the very survival of the human race.