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A sunset over a river
February 19, 2024
MSU is a pioneer in plant science, and the renewal of important programs such as the MSU-DOE Plant Research Laboratory and the DOE-supported Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center helped bolster DOE-funded expenditures.
Four women look at computers in a lab
February 19, 2024
Fixed-term Assistant Professor Jinjie Liu discusses her work with CURE, the Course-based Undergraduate Research Experience, at Michigan State University.
Cyanobacteria as seen under a microscope
February 7, 2024
A recent publication in Metabolic Engineering looks at how cyanobacteria balance cellular energy between “source and sink,” which may have downstream applications in bioproduction. 
A test tube a hand is putting seeds in
January 26, 2024
How are astronauts going to grow their food when they’re in space? It’s a question that Michigan State University scientists are asking, and one that they’re growing closer to answering.
Lisa Yun
January 18, 2024
Lisa Yun, a graduate student in the MSU-DOE Plant Research Laboratory Ducat lab, has worked at national laboratories and universities since beginning her professional career. When considering an internship, she wanted to experience industry work to better understand the differences between the workload and organization compared to academia. She wanted to work at a startup, more specifically, she wanted to be in a smaller environment with a goal for sustainability.
Donghee Hoh
January 10, 2024
Donghee Hoh, a postdoctoral researcher of the Kramer Lab, was awarded the 2023 American Society of Plant Biologists, or ASPB, Women’s Young Investigator Travel Award. The award paid for travel to the ASPB conference held this August in Savannah, Georgia. Women members of ASPB who are early in their career are eligible for this award.
Sorghum potted plants
January 5, 2024
A recap of 2023 in pictures from the PRL.
A man leans forward, inspecting a leafy green plant in a greenhouse.
December 19, 2023
In a study published in The Plant Journal, researchers looked at the complex regulation of the storage of cell wall mixed-linkage glucan, or MLG, in sorghum, a crop that’s a promising biofuel feedstock. MLG is a component of the cell wall that is believed to have several biological functions, but its precise role during the vegetative growth of plants is not understood well.
Federica Brandizzi
December 13, 2023
Can seeds sent into space grow better plants on Earth? Federica Brandizzi is a University Distinguished Professor at Michigan State University and an MSU Research Foundation Professor who wanted to find out.
Gregg Howe and Leah Johnson
December 13, 2023
Leah Johnson is the 2023 recipient of the Kende Award, which acknowledges the best doctoral dissertation in plant sciences at Michigan State University over the last two years.